Phoenix Park

A small community in the Klein/Pouderoyen area, Phoenix Park is home to approximately 300 residents. Said to be the first cooperative self-help housing scheme in Guyana, the community once called ‘Crab Bush’ was officially opened in November, 1966; the Barrs were the very first family to live in the village.

New Year’s resolutions

Photos and interviews by: Oliceia Tinnie and David Papannah Leslie Barnwell- Security ‘My new year’s resolution is to ask God almighty for health and strength, prosperity and success in the future and the future years to come.

  • Sameer Khan: Using art to triumph trials

    Artist and designer, Sameer Khan has been making waves in the designing arena and is the mastermind behind many of the Mash costumes, the spectacular upside down Christmas tree and the suspending presents at the Giftland Mall that were the buzz of the holidays and led to numerous selfies being posted on the Facebook with his work portrayed in the backdrop. 0

  • Diplomatic noises on Guyana’s two most contentious borders

    Even at a time when the attention of Guyana’s coalition government is focused on energizing the country’s underperforming economy, the administration still cannot afford to allow its attention to wander from a foreign policy agenda that includes managing relations with two neighboring countries with which separate territorial controversies loom large.